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New England AAU

Spring/Summer League

COVID-19 UPDATE: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 6:18pm

Hello Everyone,

Like you all, NEAAU Baseball continues to monitor this ongoing situation closely and do its best to plan ahead. Our mission remains to host baseball during the spring/summer season, but the health and safety of all involved continues to be our number goal. All of our updates regarding the COVID-19 virus come after long, detailed discussions within NEAAU and NEAAU Baseball.

Unlike most AAU districts around the country, our district includes multiple states with different deadlines regarding restrictions and recommendations. In recent days new updates have been provided by the different states (including some with stay at home advisories through May 4) and as a result NEAAU Baseball is adjusting again. We are announcing the following at this time:

9-14u League

  • Play will not begin for the 9-14u age groups any earlier than the May 16-17 weekend
  • If state restrictions are indeed lifted after May 4 it will allow teams some time to get back on the fields to conduct practice and scrimmages before league play were to begin on May 16-17 weekend.
  • Different schedules and formats are being discussed at this time that include reduced league games, extended length of the season, new playoff formats, etc.

15-16 League

  • Due to recent statements by individual state interscholastic associations that include extending the season through late June, NEAAU Baseball is currently discussing an adjustment to the 15-16u league schedule if it becomes necessary.

Spring Classic Tournament

  • This event is currently scheduled for April 18-19, but NEAAU Baseball is postponing it at this time. NEAAU Baseball is determining if and when this event can be hosted within an adjusted league schedule which continues to be a work in progress. Ideally, we would like to host the Spring Classic prior to the start of league play. Those teams that are registered for the Spring Classic will be contacted directly.

Certainly, no one knows what the final result of this COVID-19 situation will be for us and additional adjustments may need to be made, but NEAAU Baseball will continue to remain patient and positive during this uncertain time with the hope of providing baseball for the teams/players.

Next Update?

NEAAU Baseball is planning for another update on April 17th. Certainly, should new developments occur that make is necessary for an update be made before April 17 we will surely do so. 

Divisions 2020

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League 2020 - Why Choose AAU Baseball?

  • Established in 1991
  • Compete against teams from CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT
  • Minimum 10-14 Regular Season League Games
  • NEAAU schedules your league weekends, as well as host and traveling teams
  • ALL divisional league games count towards League Playoffs
  • Structured, yet flexible schedule allows for league games, non-league games and tournament play
  • Coach & Club Director Meetings to allow for constructive adjustment & adaptation
  • National AAU Championship Teams
  • Special product discounts from Franklin Sports, East Bay, & others
  • Player Insurance that covers athletes in league AND non-league games
  • 10 million dollars in liability coverage

Latest League Updates (9-14u)

15-18u Divisions

  • Opening Weekend - June 13-14, 2020
  • Playoffs - August 1-2, 2020
  • Entry Deadline - April 20, 2020

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League Champions 2019

9u Granite Heat Team Gateway BOMBERS
10u Open Team New England Upper Deck Stone Crabs
10u Super RI Rays South Shore Seadogs
11u Open Scorpions Baseball Maplewood Baseball
11u Super Lakeville Cardinals Snapdragon Baseball
12u Open Valley Warriors Ocean State Outlaws
12u Super RI Rays Milton Knights
13u Open New England Ravens NH State Jr Warriors
13u Super Ocean State Outlaws Cape Riptide
14u Open KR Express Atlantic Mariners COYNE
14u Super Milton Knights Northeast Eagles
15u Samurai Baseball Frozen Ropes Titans
16u Windham Wildcats Grainte Heat

Smaller baseball

Smaller baseball