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New England AAU

Spring/Summer League

Countdown Until 1st Pitch


Traditional League for 9-18u (April-August)

This is our traditional league for 9-18u age groups since the 1990's.  Below is our planned schedule timeline (includes regular season & playoffs) for all age groups.

New Summer League for 9-12u Teams

This is an inaugural summer league for 9-12u teams that begins in July a few weeks after the 9-12u Spring League ends in mid-June. This league is separate from our 9-12u Spring League.


We are preparing for a return to a normal league schedule for most age groups. Please see league schedules for more detail.

As you all know, we hosted separate state leagues in 2020 due to the state COVID-19 restrictions. We are planning the 2021 league to include a traditional format in which all states compete together.

Meeting & Release of Divisions

Due to the ongoing pandemic, NEAAU Baseball will NOT host to its annual League Scheduling Meeting in February.

Normally we publish the 9-14u spring league divisions in early February so that teams can begin league scheduling. However, we may choose to slightly delay the release of the league divisions if we anticipate any updates from the individual states might influence league structure.

The 15-18u League Divisions will be released in April. The 9-12u Summer League Divisions will be released in May.

Divisions & Requests 2021

As always, we will require teams to fill out a divisional request form that notifies NEAAU Baseball if that teams wishes to be placed in the Super Division for the upcoming season. 


  • 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18u
  • 1st year teams placed in Open Division


Questions? NEAAU Baseball

Phone: 401-757-1857

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League Playoff Results 2020

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