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New England AAU

League Playoffs

Update sent to all 9-12u coaches on Friday, May 17th at 1:00pm

Hi Coach,

The weather looks very good for this weekend, so we expect your team is using it to play league games. Many teams are playing on both Saturday and Sunday. This is commonly done, and necessary many times, later in the season here in New England. We understand and respect that many players have other baseball commitments, but ALL teams should be very flexible when it comes to working with your opponents to schedule make ups. For example, teams should not be limited to scheduling make up games within a very small time window, on only one day.

We know the weather has been very difficult this spring and the NEAAU Baseball Committee has been paying close attention to the league standings. The Committee, as it always does, has been discussing the progress of the regular season to determine the current status of league games. Understandably so, we have received emails from coaches asking if NEAAU Baseball is considering potential changes to the schedule due to the rain this spring.

The Committee is asking teams to enter their completed game scores from this weekend by end of the day Sunday. This is important. This will allow the Committee to know the status of the remaining league games, as well as providing the Committee the necessary information to make any potential adjustments to the schedule moving forward. Please make note, the NEAAU Baseball Committee is still committed to beginning the 9-12u Playoffs on the scheduled June 8-9 weekend.

All teams will be provided with another update early next week after the Committee has again reviewing the league standings. Stay tuned..

Please remember, if you have schedule concerns please be sure to email, or copy, your age group leader on any email:

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