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New England AAU

Team Pages

Team Page Login

  • Login Link >
  • All clubs have been emailed their team page login details
  • If you do not have your login details, email
  • See How to Videos below for assistance

Standings / Mobile App

While league standings, rosters and scores are available on this website, download the TourneyMachine mobile app for easy access to all league stats on your mobile device(s

Push Notifications

All teams will receive email alerts, but do you want to receive TEXT message alerts for your team? Do one or both of the following:

How to Report Scores

  • Log into your Team Page/TourneyTeam account (Available in February)
  • Select your individual team
  • Click on the ‘Schedule’ icon/link
  • Click on the green ‘Manage Games’ link
  • Click on the score icon associated with the game you wish to enter a score for.

*If the game was not added to the schedule it will need to be added before a score can be entered for that game. See video on how to add games to schedule.

*Unlike in year's past, we are asking either the Host or Traveling team to add the scores. We don't care which team enters the scores. Please be careful not to enter duplicate scores.

How to Videos