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New England AAU

Team Pages

Team Page Login 2021

  • All clubs are emailed their team page login details 
  • If you do not have your login details, email
  • See How to Videos below for assistance

Standings / Mobile App

Download the TourneyMachine mobile app for easy access to all league stats on your mobile device(s

How to Report Scores

  • Log into your Team Page/TourneyTeam account
  • Select your individual team
  • Click on the ‘Schedule’ icon/link
  • Click on the green ‘Manage Games’ link
  • Click on the score icon associated with the game you wish to enter a score for.

*If the game was not added to the schedule it will need to be added before a score can be entered for that game. See video on how to add games to schedule.

*Host or Traveling team can add the scores. We don't care which team enters the scores.

How to Videos