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New England AAU

League Schedule 2020

Summer League Schedule

  • Week #1 – July 6-12
  • Week #2 – July 13-19
  • Week #3 – July 20-26
  • Week #4 – July 27-August 2
  • Week #5 – August 3-9
  • Week #6 – August 10-16
  • Playoffs – August 22-30

How League Scheduling Works

  • Once the new Massachusetts and Rhode Island/Connecticut League Divisions & new pre-schedule are released by June 22, teams will learn of their weekly divisional opponent
  • Teams will also learn which team is scheduled to host league games at their field each week (the visiting team can host if agreed upon by both teams)
  • Teams will be provided with the coach contact info for each team
  • Teams will then communicate to finalize the game day, location and times
  • Teams will be scheduled to complete a doubleheader or two individual games verses a divisional opponent each week.
  • All league games will need to be completed by the end of the day Sunday of the week you are scheduled to play an opponent.

Alternative Summer Schedule

Should your state extend or apply new restrictions that prevent us from playing games by July 18-19 weekend and still complete the season by August 29-30 weekend, then a hybrid summer/fall season will be conducted.

  • Opening week – August 1-9th
  • Playoff weekends – October 3-4th
  • Fall Classic Tournament – October 10-11th


  • If the season has not begun and one or both teams have an unavoidable circumstance a game can be rescheduled to the first make-up weekend on the calendar
  • No game can be rescheduled after the season has begun without first contacting the age group leader

Rain Outs

  • Rained out games should be rescheduled on the next upcoming rain date if not already being used by another rained out league game
  • Non-League games should be rescheduled to allow the completion of weather cancelled league games
  • If cancelled games are not completed one or both teams may not be ineligible for the League Playoffs

Forfeits / Unplayed Games / Penalties

  • Forfeits/Unplayed games will NOT be tolerated
  • Penalties include loss of $250 club bond, as well as ineligibility for League Playoffs in current and next league season
  • Unplayed games very well may result in team(s) being removed from the league immediately.
  • All teams are required to complete ALL games regardless of their team record. EVERY game matters.