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New England AAU

Regular Season League Schedule

Schedules 2021

Registration for the 2021 League is now available. While we haven’t released a week to week pre-schedule just yet, we are hoping and planning for a return to some normalcy in 2021.

While the continuing pandemic may again require us to make adjustments in 2021, the below notes help provide some insight regarding our current approach to the 2021 season.

  • 9-12u Teams: A return to a schedule that begins in mid-April and concludes in mid-late June.
  • 13u Teams:  A return to a schedule that begins in late April and concludes in mid-July
  • 14u Teams: We are considering various start dates for the 14u’s as we wait to learn more about the high school schedules from all states.
  • 15-16u: We are waiting for the confirmation of the individual state high school season schedules before finalizing our 15-16u schedule. Our plan as of right not is to host separate 15u and 16u age divisions. We anticipate state high school seasons to extend through June and therefor our 15u and 16u seasons could begin late June-early July.

In 2020 we hosted separate state leagues due to the state COVID-19 restrictions. We are planning and organizing the 2021 league to include a traditional format in which all states compete together. Surely, we will continue to closely monitor developments throughout late fall and winter to determine if/how the pandemic may influence the 2021 league structure. 


Due to the ongoing situation, NEAAU Baseball is NOT planning to host its annual League Scheduling Meeting in February. Normally we publish the spring league divisions in early February so that teams can commence league scheduling. However, we may choose to delay the release of the league divisions to allow more time to learn of updates from the individual states regarding possible COVID restrictions. We will release a preliminary league pre-schedule November.


We are planning to offer a new summer league for the 9-12u ages to begin a few weeks after the June conclusion of the annual 9-12u spring league. We understand local playing conflicts exist for some 9-12u athletes during the summer months, but we are going to offer this new summer league for those that are able and interested in participating.


Registration for many 2021 NEAAU tournaments is now available. Spaces will be limited in most events at this time as we continue to monitor the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.


If you are a new or returning program and have questions, please email


How League Scheduling Works

1.) Week-to week League Pre-Schedule released in November

  • League weekends, makeup weekends and playoff dates identified. League weekends include doubleheaders

2.) Entry Deadline for 9-14u age groups in on January 10, 2021

3.) 9-14u Age Group Divisions released in February

  • Teams are assigned their divisional schedule # which determines the weekly team match-ups
  • Pre-Schedule identifies the host team each league weekend
  • Spreadsheet that includes the contact information for all teams available so teams can communicate and determine game times.

4.) Entry Deadline for 15u,16u,18u age groups on April 1, 2021

5.) 16-18u Age Group Divisions become available in April

Forfeits / Unplayed Games / Penalties

  • Forfeits/Unplayed games will NOT be tolerated
  • Penalties include loss of $250 club bond, as well as ineligibility for League Playoffs in current and next league season
  • Unplayed games very well may result in team(s) being removed from the league immediately.
  • ALL games must be completed regardless of a team's record EVERY game matters and impacts the entire league


  • No game can be rescheduled after the season has begun without first contacting the age group leader
  • If you are having trouble rescheduling or reschedule a league game(s) do NOT wait until the end of the season to notify your age group leader. Regardless of the circumstances, it is extremely difficult for NEAAU Baseball to help resolve the matter if it is not provided with enough time to do so.

Rain Outs

  • Rained out games should be rescheduled on the next upcoming rain date if not already being used by another rained out league game
  • Non-League games should be rescheduled to allow the completion of weather cancelled league games
  • If cancelled games are not completed one or both teams may not be ineligible for the League Playoffs