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New England AAU

Regular Season League Schedule

Schedules 2021

NEAAU Baseball is finalizing the 2021 league schedules and will publish them in November. NEAAU Baseball will also publish at that time any possible changes to the league schedule and/or scheduling process.

How League Scheduling Works

1.) November - League Pre-Schedule Released

  • League weekends, makeup weekends and playoff dates identified
  • League weekends include doubleheaders

2.) January - Entry Deadline for 9-14u Teams

  • All 9-14u teams will need to be released by January 15th

3.) February - League Divisions Released

  • Teams are assigned their divisional schedule # which determines the weekly team match-ups
  • Pre-Schedule identifies the host team each league weekend
  • Spreadsheet that includes the contact information for all teams will become available

4.) February - League Scheduling Meeting

  • Team gather to easier discuss and determined game times and locations for league games
  • Teams can also easily schedule many non-league (scrimmages) games

Forfeits / Unplayed Games / Penalties

  • Forfeits/Unplayed games will NOT be tolerated
  • Penalties include loss of $250 club bond, as well as ineligibility for League Playoffs in current and next league season
  • Unplayed games very well may result in team(s) being removed from the league immediately.
  • ALL games must be completed regardless of a team's record EVERY game matters and impacts the entire league


  • No game can be rescheduled after the season has begun without first contacting the age group leader
  • If you are having trouble rescheduling or reschedule a league game(s) do NOT wait until the end of the season to notify your age group leader. Regardless of the circumstances, it is extremely difficult for NEAAU Baseball to help resolve the matter if it is not provided with enough time to do so.

Rain Outs

  • Rained out games should be rescheduled on the next upcoming rain date if not already being used by another rained out league game
  • Non-League games should be rescheduled to allow the completion of weather cancelled league games
  • If cancelled games are not completed one or both teams may not be ineligible for the League Playoffs