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New England AAU

League Registration

League 2023 (9-18u)

  • 9u,10u,11u,12u,13u,14u,15u,16u,18u
  • $395 per team league fee ($3100 max)
  • $250 refundable bond fee (per club - not per team)
  • Registration Deadline - January 11, 2024 (9-14u)
  • Registration Deadline - March 21, 2024 (15,16,18u)

New Club Application for 2023-2024

The following clubs are required to submit a new club application to be considered for entry into the NEAAU Baseball League. Applications will be reviewed and then interviewed by NEAAU Baseball. THIS FORM DOES NOT REGISTER your TEAM in LEAGUE.

Levels of Play / Divisional Placement

Teams are placed in one of three different divisions for league play.

The following factors determine a team's divisional placement in the league.

  • Performance in the previous league season
  • Total years participating in the AAU Program
  • Information provided on completed divisional request form

ALL teams must complete the divisional request to be considered for Super or Diamond Division Placement. This form does NOT register your team for the league. You must still fill out the league registration form.

Required AAU Insurance

  • $30 per club insurance (not per team)
  • $22 per player insurance/membership (as of 9/1/2023)
  • $55 per coach insurance/membership
  • Includes sports accident and general liability coverage in AAU and NON-AAU events
  • Accident & general liability coverage
  • The AAU Insurance is the most comprehensive in the industry
  • Insurance Benefit Details
  • Purchase Insurance / Membership
  • Memberships are due when you submit your league roster

Questions? NEAAU Baseball

Phone: 401-757-1857

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