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New England AAU

League Format

Spring League Divisions, Schedule, Contacts, ETC

UPDATE: Monday, March 1, 2021, 3:00pm

Hello All,

We would like to thank all clubs for their patience as we collected all the necessary information to organize the 2021 NEAAU Spring Baseball League for 9-14u teams. That collection included all registrations, divisional requests, late adjustments, as well as information from the individual states during the continued covid-19 concerns.

We announced on January 1st that we would be waiting until at least March 1st to release the league divisions. This is one month later than pre-covid. We understood that this would allow teams less time to finalize league game details, however we felt it best to allow more time to ensure we could organize the most competitive league for all teams.

Just last week some New England states announced new updates that helps provide more confidence that competitive sports will continue a move towards normal status throughout 2021.


As we also announced on January 1st, we would be moving forward with the intention of organizing a league that resembles a league pre-covid, including a league playoff that includes teams from all states competing as one. As always, we organize the league based largely on geography and have successfully been able to form the large majority of divisions based on each team’s home state. We know some clubs wish to be matched up with a different variety of teams each season and we always strive to accommodate, however we feel we can better return to this type of request in 2022 without the uncertainty we all have had to manage these past twelve months.

While regular season divisional league play will be largely conducted within each state, we are planning to conduct a league playoff that includes all teams. Surely, if restrictions at the time do not allow this to be accomplished, we will host multiple playoff tournaments as we were forced to do in the summer of 2020. NEAAU Baseball will continue to monitor the progress of things, remain in contact with all clubs and make the necessary adjustments if need be:


All the necessary information is now available for 9-14u teams to begin scheduling their league games. All divisions, divisional schedule numbers and the coaches contact information spreadsheet are available:


Each club’s TourneyMachine team page login credentials will be available and emailed by March 8th. Teams will then be able to add their roster, coaches contact info, team logo, scheduled games and when the time comes, completed game scores:


All the necessary AAU Membership/Insurance is required to be acquired by the roster deadline:  A player’s AAU membership number will need to be included when adding a player to your team roster on your TourneyMachine team page:

15,16,18u AGE GROUPS

Registration for the 15,16,18u age groups is open until April 1 and divisions will be released later that month:  To see a list of currently registered teams in the 15, 16,18u age groups click here:


If you have any questions or concerns, you must EMAIL both myself and copy Phil Dupras. and


Adjustments 2020 Season