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New England AAU

Rosters - Fall League

Roster Deadlines - Fall League

  • September 8, 2023 - All teams must add a roster to their TourneyMachine team page by this date (All necessary AAU Memberships are due at this time)
  • September 30, 2023 - This is the last day that teams can add players to their league team roster

Submitting Rosters

  • All league teams are required to upload their roster to their league team page by the roster deadline
  • All teams must have acquired the necessary AAU Insurance/Membership before uploading their roster
  • Each player's AAU Membership will be required to be included when adding roster to the league team page

Roster Size

9-12u 20 3 1
13-14u 20 3 1
15-16u 25 3 1

Roster Rules

'Playing Up'

A younger player can 'play up' on an older team with same Club. Example: 10U player can play on their club's 11u, 12u+ team

  • Playing on Two (2) Teams
  • Player can play on two (2) teams within the same club
  • Player must be age eligible for both teams: Age Calculator
  • Player cannot play on multiple teams in the same age group
  • Example: Player on 10U Open Division team cannot play on their club's 10U Super Division team
  • Player CANNOT play on a team for two (2) different baseball clubs
  • If player is on two teams he MUST be on BOTH rosters

Illegal Players

If you believe an ineligible player is being used in a league game, please follow this protocol:


  • Stop the game BEFORE the next pitch
  • Discuss the player in question with the opposing coaching staff
  • If the matter is not resolved on site, notify the opposing coaching staff and umpires that you will continue the game under protest.
  • Acquire the names and contact info of all umpires
  • Then you can resume the game
  • Contact your Age Group Leader after the game


  • If the NEAAU deems the questioned player illegal, that particular game will be recorded as a forfeit
  • Club will forfeit their $250 League Bond
  • Team with illegal player will not be eligible for the League Playoffs and could be removed from the league


  • Do you have multiple teams in the NEAAU League?
  • If so, we highly recommend placing a few extra players from one of your younger teams in the League on your roster in case you have an unexpected and immediate shortage of players at some point in the season.
  • Allowed to start game with 8 players. 9th spot in the lineup will be recorded as an out


  • If you wish to roster a player that is currently playing for another club, that player MUST be released by his current club before joining your team
  • Player release must be documented, signed and emailed to the NEAAU Baseball
  • If the team or coach doesn’t want to release a player, the player can chose to leave that team to join another club, but must sit out 60 days before he is eligible to play for his new club.
  • Any game played with an illegal player will count as a forfeit. See more on Forfeit penalties