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New England AAU

How to Enter a Club

All clubs/teams that wish to enter this program for the first time are interviewed by NEAAU Baseball to ensure their understanding and commitment to the rules, policies and procedures of the program. Not all teams are guaranteed acceptance into NEAAU Baseball.

#1. New Club Application (For League Play)

Let us know who you are. NEAAU Baseball is committed to know better those clubs that wish to play in its programs. All first year programs are required to fill out this application. All first year programs will be interviewed before a decision is made to accept or deny that program entrance into NEAAU Baseball.

#3. Roster/Insurance

All teams are required to submit a roster to NEAAU when registered for a league or tournament. Rosters are NOT due at the time of event registration. All rosters must have the necessary AAU Memberships/Insurance.

Questions? NEAAU Baseball

Phone: 4017571857