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New England AAU

How to Enter a Team into a NEAAU Event

#1. Pay League or Tournament Entry Fee

Each team that wishes to play in a NEAAU League and/or Tournament must pay the entry fees associated with each League or Tournament. Entry fees vary per event.

#2. AAU Membership Requirement

All teams that wish to compete in an NEAAU League and/or Tournament MUST also have the necessary AAU Memberships.

Here's How to Get Your AAU Memberships

Follow these steps to easily acquire your AAU Memberships for your team/club.

  1. Team Admin acquires a Non-Athlete (Coach) Membership >
  2. Team Admin then acquires an AAU Club Code for their team
  3. Players & Coaches must acquire their personal AAU Memberships >

*The majority of Athletes/Parents and Coaches acquire their own AAU Memberships. However, some team admins/clubs acquire membership for each player and coach in their program. Each program operates differently.

AAU Memebrships Includes Insurance

Questions? New England AAU

The AAU Baseball Division

Phone: 401-349-4304

New Club Questionnaire (NEW)

Have you created a new baseball club or interested in entering your club into the NEAAU Baseball Spring/Summer League for the first time? If yes, you MUST fill out this questionnaire.

The NEAAU Baseball Committee will review your questionnaire to determine several things:

  • Commitment to the AAU program and completion of league games
  • Team skill level and proper divisional placement
  • Learn more about your club/team coaching staff
  • Fill Out Mandatory Questionnaire >