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New England AAU

Updates Regarding COVID-19

UPDATE: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 6:18pm

Hello Everyone,

Like you all, NEAAU Baseball continues to monitor this ongoing situation closely and do its best to plan ahead. Our mission remains to host baseball during the spring/summer season, but the health and safety of all involved continues to be our number goal. All of our updates regarding the COVID-19 virus come after long, detailed discussions within NEAAU and NEAAU Baseball.

Unlike most AAU districts around the country, our district includes multiple states with different deadlines regarding restrictions and recommendations. In recent days new updates have been provided by the different states (including some with stay at home advisories through May 4) and as a result NEAAU Baseball is adjusting again. We are announcing the following at this time:

9-14u League

  • Play will not begin for the 9-14u age groups any earlier than the May 16-17 weekend
  • If state restrictions are indeed lifted after May 4 it will allow teams some time to get back on the fields to conduct practice and scrimmages before league play were to begin on May 16-17 weekend.
  • Different schedules and formats are being discussed at this time that include reduced league games, extended length of the season, new playoff formats, etc.

15-16 League

  • Due to recent statements by individual state interscholastic associations that include extending the season through late June, NEAAU Baseball is currently discussing an adjustment to the 15-16u league schedule if it becomes necessary.

Spring Classic Tournament

  • This event is currently scheduled for April 18-19, but NEAAU Baseball is postponing it at this time. NEAAU Baseball is determining if and when this event can be hosted within an adjusted league schedule which continues to be a work in progress. Ideally, we would like to host the Spring Classic prior to the start of league play. Those teams that are registered for the Spring Classic will be contacted directly.

Certainly, no one knows what the final result of this COVID-19 situation will be for us and additional adjustments may need to be made, but NEAAU Baseball will continue to remain patient and positive during this uncertain time with the hope of providing baseball for the teams/players.

Next Update?

NEAAU Baseball is planning for another update on April 17th. Certainly, should new developments occur that make is necessary for an update be made before April 17 we will surely do so.  


Update - Monday, March 30, 3:01pm

Hi All,

We hope you all continue to be well as we deal with this ongoing situation. In the last few days new updates have been provided by both the state and federal government. As a result of these new updates, which included the extension of restrictions and recommendations, NEAAU Baseball will be providing another update of its own this week regarding the spring program. The NEAAU Spring program includes both the annual league and spring kick-off tournament (Spring Classic).

NEAAU Baseball remains committed to providing baseball this spring/summer season and will continue to adjust and provide updates.

Stay tuned this week for updates...

Update: Monday, March 23, 2020, 5:58pm

Hi All,

First off, we hope that you and your families are well during this concerning time. Since our last update on Tuesday, March 17th we have continued to monitor the latest information to allow us to make the best possible decisions for the AAU program this spring.

While we all understand the COVID-19 situation is still evolving and that new/extended restrictions could be imposed by government, below are some adjustments NEAAU Baseball is willing to announce at this time.

  • Opening weekend of league play for the 9-12u teams will now be April 25-26, which is the same as the 13-14u league teams
  • This move allows teams to conduct outdoor practice and scrimmages before divisional league games begin should we be able to get on fields prior to the April 25-26 weekend.
  • While NEAAU Baseball does have a revised 9-12u league scheduled prepared at this time that will best allow us to complete a full season, this COVID-19 situation is still evolving quickly and there for we wish to wait to release a revised schedule.
  • At this time, the annual Spring Classic tournament will remain scheduled for the April 18-19 weekend.

NEAAU Baseball will continue to monitor the news to determine if we will be forced to make further adjustments before posting a revised schedule. We understand some may still have questions and will most certainly continue to provide updates often. Again, we thank you for your patience.


We have been contacted by some coaches over the last week identifying how the date for which town fields are currently scheduled to become available varies. Again, while we have a plan in place, we also feel it would be informative to present all coaches with a very short survey to learn more about field availability in their towns. Complete the Survey >


While the AAU Membership/Insurance is still valid (excluding the virus) for team practices, we highly advise all clubs to exercise caution and place safety above all else.


We are excited to let you know we are working on a new partnership with InnerPro Sports for remote training. InnerPro is a new technology company that arms each athlete with their own Major League Strength Coach, Mental Performance Coach and Personalized Nutrition Metric. Check out these videos to learn more.

We know during this difficult time teams/players are unable to meet and practice. NEAAU Baseball is happy to offer this partnership and believe you will find it of value to you and your players during this time. Stay tuned. More partnership details coming this week.

Update: Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 11:02pm

Hi All,

We know that many wish to learn what kind of adjustments NEAAU Baseball will make to its spring schedule as a result of the recent restrictions imposed by the states of New England. NEAAU Baseball has been very closely monitoring the rapid COVID-19 updates each day and constantly considering various spring scheduling adjustments as a result of those updates. Aside from discussing amongst its committee, NEAAU Baseball has been speaking with AAU leadership both regionally and nationally to learn of any new or expected changes to be made by National AAU itself which could also influence our spring schedule revision options.


NEAAU Baseball agreed upon a revised spring schedule on Monday, however is choosing not to release it at this time.


As we are sure you already know, this past Sunday the State of Massachusetts imposed restrictions that will extend through April 7. These restrictions mean that the first weekend of play (April 4-5) in the 9-12u age groups will not be played on that date. Our revised spring schedule will reflect that when released soon.


We fully understand that other sport programs have already released revised spring schedules due to the crisis, but NEAAU Baseball feels at this time it is best to wait a bit longer before releasing any spring schedule revisions due to this unprecedented, rapidly evolving situation. Our number one goal is the safety of the coaches, players, their families, friends and fans. However, another very important goal of ours at this time is to best ensure we limit the amount of schedule revisions/changes that need to be made for all clubs. AAU wishes to be proactive and decisive, but also wishes to see what the coming days present before announcing any changes to help ensure we are not asking teams to begin a rescheduling process multiple times in a matter of days.


Each year presents certain challenges, but none of us have confronted a situation like this before. It will take a collective effort by AAU and all participating clubs to face this challenge and best make it work. We thank you for your continued patience and will begin to announce spring schedule adjustments by Monday, March 23.

Update: Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 2:41pm

With the daily release of new updates from Federal and State government regarding COVID-19, New England AAU internally continues to review and discuss how these updates will affect the 2020 League and Tournament season. We understand that several of the New England states just released new measures in recent days. New England AAU has already taken action in regards to its non-baseball, indoor events this spring and will be discussing today what adjustments will need to be made the upcoming NEAAU Baseball Spring League season.

NEAAU Baseball is considering a few options in regards to league and tournament schedule revisions. While NEAAU Baseball has the ability to make adjustments, all 50+ AAU Districts throughout the nation also must adhere to any event restrictions imposed by the National AAU. Before any specific announcements are made in regards to NEAAU league and tournament schedule adjustments, New England AAU is ensuring it has all the latest updates from the National AAU to also ensure any announcements regarding NEAAU league and tournament schedules are clear and decisive.

While we know all teams have worked hard during the off season to prepare for their upcoming league and tournament schedules, safety for all needs to be our number priority.  NEAAU Baseball will have additional updates available soon. We are all doing our best to adapt to these difficult and unusual times.

We thank you for your patience.

Update: Friday, March 13, 2020, 12:19pm

As you may know, on Thursday (March 12) evening the National AAU Office suspended all AAU events for three (3) weeks. The current three (3) week suspension would end a few days before the start of the NEAAU League Season. NEAAU Baseball will be gathering in the coming days to review this latest development and determine if any adjustments might need to be made to the spring event schedule. All teams will receive an update soon. We fully recognize the concerns associated with the COVID-19 and will continue to monitor the situation and developments as they happen. 

We have received emails and calls from club directors curious as to how this suspension will affect their team practices/insurance. This is a very rare situation and we wanted to speak with the National AAU Office to gain some clarification on this matter. Here are the answers:

  • Only events that are licensed with the AAU are temporarily suspended
  • Practices are considered club activities and can be conducted
  • The AAU Membership/Insurance is still valid for practices
  • We recommend following the guidance of your state and local officials when considering to conduct team practice