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New England AAU


Regular Season Umpire Rules

  • Host club responsible for scheduling umpires for regular season games
  • Host can use whichever assigner they wish
  • Host must assign High School or AAU certified umpires
  • Teams will split cost of umpires
  • Umpires should be provided with 3 new baseballs from each team

9-10U League Games

  • Only one (1) certified umpire is required
  • If your team is hosting 9U or 10U regular season league games and you wish to assign two (2) umpires we ask that you notify the visiting team to prepare them that you wish to assign two (2) umpires as this will double the umpire costs

11U-18U League Games

  • Two (2) umpires MUST be used
  • If one of the two umpires fails to arrive for a game, the game(s) can be started with one umpire. However the opposing team must agree to start with one (1) umpire

Playoff Umpires Rules

  • Playoff Field Host assigns umpires
  • All umpire rules from the regular season apply to playoffs
  • Teams split cost of the umpires during Pool Play 
  • Umpires are to be paid at the start of each game