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New England AAU

Area Scouts

What is Area Scouts?

Area Scouts provides every athlete with a complete athlete profile outlining their overall physical foundation, on-field statistics, and real-time evaluation grades and metrics. Meet the Area Scouts Team

Area Scouts has partnered with SportsThread to provide athlete profiles integrated with Area Scouts data on SportsThread, a national sports social media platform. Athletes will increase their visibility to college coaches, share their skills and highlight their accomplishments.


B.A.S.E. ™ Assessment - Biomechanics, Athleticism, Sequence, Endurance.

  • B.A.S.E.™ is comprised of a movement screen, energy and power analysis, sport-specific kinetic chain evaluation, and overall strength / stamina test. The B.A.S.E.™ assessment will provide every athlete with a complete outline of their overall physical foundation. The B.A.S.E.™ assessment reviews the body from the ground up and provides essential feedback to maintain athlete health and continued athletic development
  • Complete metrics for Hitting and Pitching. Pop Times for Catchers
  • Benchmark Evaluations for Hitting, Pitching, Catching, and Fielding by Certified Professionals


  • Players will have a complete profile with Area Scouts Data, B.A.S.E. Assessment
  • Scores, Metrics, Videos, Player Stats. Easily sent to College Coaches
  • Corrective drill/exercise videos by Current and ex-MLB players for each “Red
  • Flag” Benchmark
  • A complete arm care program including video exercises, pre-game and post-game routines, weekly workout schedules, nutrition
  • Access to Area Scouts Evaluators for any questions/concerns about your performance
  • An online profile with all your benchmarks, game stats, metrics updated in real-time with Evaluators
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My name is Lance Baldwin, CEO of Area Scouts. We are excited to enter a Partnership with New England AAU Baseball, an organization dedicated to promoting youth baseball. Our mission is to increase the longevity and performance of Athletes by reducing injuries and developing them through Professional Resources and Certified Evaluators. We also assist in the visibility to Athletes to Colleges and Coaches through our Partnership with SportsThread. Please allow us to assist athletes in getting to the next level, whatever that may be.

Lance Baldwin
CEO and Managing Partner
Area Scouts

New England AAU Baseball is proud to be partnered with Area Scouts to increase awareness in healthy development for athletes, provide professional resources to our teams and players, and promote the great baseball being played throughout New England AAU. We know the clubs of AAU themselves provide high quality training for their players. AAU Baseball's mission is to introduce resources to its members that can further help player development.

Todd Skovron
NEAAU Baseball